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Liposucción de Alta Definición, MSN Doctor Noticias

High Definition Liposuction

By Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno
Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive 

High definition liposuction, also known as HD Lipo or 3D Lipo, consists of creating athletic definition in the abdomen, waist, arms, thighs etc. That is, creating a muscular athletic appearance in a body through the reshaping of the subcutaneous fat layer, without muscle growth due to exercise.

This procedure is only recommended in non-obese people, who have a Body Mass Index between 25 and 28.  Keep in mind that liposuction is not a procedure to lose weight or lose weight, it is a procedure to reshape the body shape and give a better definition and beauty to the body contour ... see videos here  

Ancla 1

The procedure can be performed by several methods:  With conventional cannulas, with PAL  or with Vaser. The important thing is to create depressions and elevations, project areas of muscles and recreate the figure of an athlete on the patient's body.  This process is carried out by extracting fat to define, for example, the edges of the rectus abdominis, the famous six pack, as well as highlighting other muscles such as the obliques, deltoids, pectorals through lipoinjection.  in the areas we want to highlight. This procedure often requires several stages.  

We must bear in mind that this is not a procedure to lose weight to the patient. It is not recommended in patients with high weight or obese problems since the definition that is caused by subtracting the fat and creating depressions to generate the contour, if the person later gets fat it can cause serious deformations of the body by increasing the areas that are not it removed fat compared to that which is removed and builds up adhesions to the deep planes. Therefore this procedure should be performed on thin people  or slightly overweight, but not in obese patients.

This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis,  and requires a short recovery period, which can be around 8 days. Although you should remain using a girdle for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the case.

This procedure is not free of complications, although they are minor when performed by a suitable professional in Plastic Surgery, so performed by unsuitable hands, it can lead to complications that can lead to death.

Make sure that you are in the hands of an Appropriate Plastic Surgeon to perform this procedure ...  + Information Here 

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