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Neurological diseases

A  illness  Neurological or neurological disorder is any disorder of the body's nervous system. Structural, biochemical, or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord, or other nerves can lead to a number of symptoms.


The brain, spinal cord, and nerves make up the nervous system. Together they control all the functions of the body. When something goes wrong in one part of your nervous system, you may have trouble moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing, or learning. There may also be problems with memory, senses, or mood.


Clinical Neurophysiology  

In any action or conduct of any organism, the  nervous system. Any change in its development is the result of functional modifications of said system. The  neurophysiology  deals with how this complicated system works and how it produces the variety of patterns of behavior that organisms manifest. Their have produced large  progress thanks to  research, especially in biochemical and electrical aspects.

Neurophysiology  tries to study the behavior of neurons or groups of isolated neurons. The facts established by neurophysiology  can be used by the  mathematical theory of neural networks  to build mathematical models that allow the identification of neurophysiological phenomena such as  memory  and the  learning.

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