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Lipotransferencia por el Doctor Edgar Terán


By Doctor Edgar Terán
Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive 
This process is quite safe and free of rejections because it uses the same components of the body (the same fat) to make the corrections or increase in size.

La lipotransferencia es uno de los métodos más novedosos que tiene la cirugía estética; este consiste en extraer grasa de ciertas zonas del cuerpo mediante una liposucción laser o lipolaser y colocarla en otra zona que necesite la corrección de imperfecciones y/o para dar más volumen en una zona específica que deseemos.

Este proceso es bastante seguro y libre de rechazos por que se usa los mismo componentes del cuerpo (la misma grasa) para realizar las correcciones o aumento de tamaño.

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The fat transfer is one of the newest methods that cosmetic surgery has; This consists of extracting fat from certain areas of the body using a laser or lipolaser liposuction and placing it in another area that needs to correct imperfections and / or to give more volume in a specific area that we want.

This process is quite safe and free of rejections because it uses the same components of the body (the same fat) to make the corrections or increase in size.

How it is performed?

The first step is to know the amount of fatty tissue (also known as adipose tissue) that we need to achieve the desired result and to know if we have that amount of excess tissue to be able to extract it and perform the fat transfer.

After this, depending on the amount of fatty tissue that we need, the extraction will be carried out in one way or another; If what we want from this process is a buttock augmentation, the amount of fat required is higher, so it will be necessary to perform liposuction on the abdominal or hips to achieve it, since these are the areas with the highest percentage of mesenchymal stem cells, which are capable of reproducing in any other cell lineage without any problem. On the other hand, if the area to be touched up is small, the extraction could be done with a syringe.

The next step is to relocate the already filtered and processed fat to the area to be reground or augmented. In other words, we have already reached the final phase of fat transfer.


Buttock Lipotransfer

Buttock fat transfer is used to enlarge and / or reshape the rear in the least invasive way possible. This is achieved through a process of laser liposuction and filtering of the adipose tissue as explained above. It is also recommended to use optimized fat transfer, which consists of enriching the fat destined for the filling with anthologous growth factors; these are located in the blood of the same patient. The growth factors favor the fat graft and therefore, to take root in the recipient area more easily.

Lipotransfer on the Face

This type of fat transfer is the most common and simplest of all procedures. It consists of removing fatty tissue from any part of the body with a syringe, performing the tissue filtering and separation process and re-injecting the pure fat into the cheekbones, forehead, lips or any desired part of the face.

Lipotransfer in Breast

This procedure is very confusing when compared to breast implants. It is important to state that fat transfer does not replace augmentation mammoplasties with prostheses since each technique has its indications and procedures and is intended for different things.

To perform this procedure it is necessary that the patient has enough fatty tissue in the donor areas (abdomen and hips). In the case of thin patients, the most striking option would be the increase in volume through breast prostheses, for the same reason.

Lipotransferencia por el Doctor Edgar Terán

Within the aesthetic purposes of lipotransference in the breasts, we have the increase in breast volume and the reduction of the abdomen, hips and thighs, in addition to refining the results after a mastectomy. On the other hand, the reparative purposes include: correction of congenital malformations, breast reconstruction and reconstruction for damage caused by radiation therapy.

As a result, we achieve that fat transfer breast augmentation offers a natural appearance. Like other types of fat transfer, being composed of fat and tissue from the same patient, it has zero risks of rejection. Finally, this procedure fulfills a double objective: it reduces non-aesthetic fat and increases the volume of the breasts.

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