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Sofocos de la Menopausia, MSN Doctor Noticias

Combat menopausal hot flashes with sage

If you are in full menopause and hot flashes, hot flashes or hot flashes are upsetting your life, there is a medicinal plant that could help you alleviate this uncomfortable symptom. Sage, famous for its use as an aromatic condiment, would be a less aggressive therapy than drug hormone replacement treatments.

The name of salvia comes from the Latin "salvare" which means "to save". Both the Greeks and the Romans believed that it was key to a long life.

Natural Medicines, an international research company on alternative medicine, reports that women use sage for pain in the  menstruation, correct the excessive flow of milk during  breastfeeding, and to reduce hot flashes during  menopause. Scientific evidence indicates that drinking a decoction of sage reduces the intensity and frequency of hot flashes.

Sofocos de la Menopausia, MSN Doctor Noticias
 Balón Gástrico Ingerible, Obesidad Panamá, MSN Salud Noticias

The benefits of the plant are due to the fact that it contains isoflavones, plant substances that act in a similar way to estrogens (female hormones, responsible for the sexual development of women) in the body. Low estrogen levels are often responsible for menopausal symptoms.

To get the benefits of sage, you have two options. Prepare an infusion or making a decoction. For the infusion you must place two teaspoons of dried sage in a cup. Put water to heat and once it reaches the boiling point remove from heat and pour into the mug. Cover the container and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink a maximum of two cups per day.

For the decoction or cooking you need to bring water to boil in a container and once it reaches the boiling point add the dried sage or the fresh leaves of the plant, cover and lower the heat and leave the heat for at least 20 more minutes. Remove and cool slightly before drinking.

Sage is also rich in flavonoids with powerful antioxidant action and nutrients such as vitamins A and K.

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