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Woman: Feminine interests, Aesthetics, C uriosities, and something else ...

The current integration of women into society is no secret to anyone, so much so that we have been called "the woman of the 21st century, the current, the modern, and endless adjectives", wanting to prove the same position than the male sex, when in times ago we had a little displacement in humanity.

Undoubtedly, this integration was due in large part to the studies and professional jobs that our female sex has been performing, I say ours, Yes! Because who writes this article is a lady, besides that we are already well part of society (we are part of the world).

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Main Articles
Liposucción de Alta Definición, MSN Doctor Noticias

by Dr. Luis Carlos Moreno

High definition liposuction, also known as Lipo HD or Lipo 3D, consists of creating athletic definition in the abdomen, waist, arms, thighs etc ...... Continue

 Mamoplastia, MSN Doctor Noticias

by Dr. Carlos de león Urriola

Breast surgery encompasses surgical techniques that range from augmentation, tapering, correct positioning, or elevation of the breasts. .... continue

Lipotrasnferencia, MSN Doctor Noticias


by Dr. Edgar Terán

The fat transfer is one of the newest methods that cosmetic surgery has; This consists of extracting fat from certain areas of the body by ... Continue

Tips de Belleza, MSN Doctor Noticias

Beauty tips.....


Standing up straight with a lot of confidence and believing in yourself are important aspects for you to feel good about yourself. After all ........ Continue

Sofocos de la Menopausia, cómo contrarrestarlos, MSN Doctor Noticias

Menopausal hot flashes

How to Fight Them 

If you are in full menopause and hot flashes, hot flashes or flushes are upsetting your life, there is a medicinal plant. ........ Continue

Muslos y Piernas Perfectas, MSN Doctor Noticias

Perfect Thighs and Legs

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

As patients we want an aesthetic change that makes us feel better, and on many occasions we propose what we would like in the way that we would like, but the question is, is the change in accordance with my body environment? ..... . Continue

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