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Man: Health, Sexuality and Aesthetics

Unlike in other times, today man knows that by attending to health needs he can prevent. Along with the "Attention" came the concern in prolonging the life time with a good quality. Evolution continued its course and along with a better quality of life was added improvement in certain aspects.

Today those extra kilos worry, along with the aesthetic part, and of course the quality of sexual life that in many cases contributes to a better quality of life as a couple.

This set of attentions has influenced a higher average life span with a healthier and happier improved old age.

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Main Articles

 Falta de Testosterona, MSN Doctor Noticias


In men, from the age of fifty, there is a progressive decrease in the male hormone (testosterone). When this descent is excessive it causes a series of ......... Continue Here

Prostata Agrandada, MSN Doctor Noticias

Enlarged Prostate

by Doctor Rubén Ureña

BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia.  Benign  means "not cancerous" and  hyperplasia  means abnormal cell growth. The result is that the prostate enlarges.  .......... Continue Here

Prostatitis, MSN Doctor Noticias

Informe Especial

Este tipo es causado por una infección bacteriana y aparece de repente (aguda). Los síntomas son escalofríos graves y fiebre. Hay con frecuencia sangre en la orina. La concentración de... Continuar Aquí

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