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The  obesity  is a  treatable chronic disease  that  appears when there is a  excess adipose tissue  (fat)  in the body.

Experts warn that its most negative effects occur because  acts as an accentuating and aggravating agent  in the short term and in a very obvious way  serious pathologies  as the  diabetes,  hypertension, cardiovascular complications (especially ischemic heart disease), and even some types of  Cancer,  Like the  gastrointestinal

With the exception of highly muscular people, those whose weight is 20 percent or more above the midpoint on the body mass index (BMI) weight scale, are considered obese.  


There are many causes involved in the appearance of the problem. In addition to  a poor diet or lack of physical exercise, there are also  genetic and organic factors  that induce their appearance.

Enfermedades de la Obesidad, MSN Doctor Noticias
Balón Gástrico Ingerible, MSN Doctor Noticias

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Reducir los Niveles de Obesidad y Diabetes
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Enfermedad Crónica
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