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Pulmonology is the area of Internal Medicine dedicated to the knowledge of the Respiratory System in normal and pathological conditions, it is in charge of all aspects of the promotion, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of health and respiratory disease, based on a permanent research process .

It is a Specialty that has had great development in the last 20 years due to the advancement in modern technology with much more sophisticated equipment, due to the rise of molecular biology and because it contains diseases that are now very common in high-risk groups such as individuals with immunosuppression. , but unlike many disciplines of Internal Medicine that are at this time oriented and grounded in procedures, pulmonary medicine continues to be a Specialty in which clinical experience, detailed examination of the patient and the interpretation of a few studies of laboratory are necessary to establish a logical approach to the diagnostic possibilities.

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¿Qué es  el Asma?, MSN Doctor Noticias

¿Qué es

el Asma?

¿Qué es el Asma Bronquial?, MSN Doctor Noticias

¿Qué es el Asma Bronquial?

Relación entre Asma y Alergia, MSN Doctor Noticias

Relación entre Asma y Alergia

¿Qué Causa  el Asma?, MSN Doctor Noticias

¿Qué Causa

el Asma?

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