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Respiratory diseases

We are continually exposed to diseases caused by sudden changes in temperature, they are very common and, although they are usually not serious, they do affect our quality of life.


Currently, in the world there are about 64 million people suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, taking this into account, in this section we will explain the importance of knowing which are the most common respiratory diseases and learning about them to have an overview of their causes and symptoms through the articles presented to us by professionals in the area ...

Enfermedades del Aparato Respiratorio, MSN Doctor Noticias
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Main  Articles

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Apnea Obstructiva del Sueño, MSN Doctor Noticias

Apnea Obstructiva del Sueño

Sinusitis: Causas, Tipos y Tratamiento, MSN Doctor Noticias

Sinusitis: Causas, Tipos y

¿Qué es el Asma y qué Afecta?, MSN Doctor Noticias

¿Qué es el Asma y qué Afecta?

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