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Gynecological Diseases

The  gynecological diseases  The most common that can affect a woman's health can be uterine fibroids or myomas, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, dyspareunia or pain during sexual intercourse, diseases  infectious diseases, excessive bleeding, and  illness  inflammatory ..

Las enfermedades ginecológicas más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias
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Main  Articles

Trastornos de la Menstruación, MSN Doctor Noticias

Dr. Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Salazar

It is defined as the absence of menstruation for a period of time greater than 90 days. It can be normal or be indicative of illness ..... Continue Here

Combate con salvia los sofocos de la menopausia, MSN Doctor Noticias


If you are in full menopause and hot flashes, hot flashes or hot flashes are upsetting your life, there is a medicinal plant that could help you ..... Continue Here

Metrorragia, sangrado anormal femenino, MSN Doctor Noticias


Abnormal Female Bleeding


Metrorrhagia, is a vaginal bleeding or bleeding produced in the uterus, which occurs outside the female menstrual period. This gynecological imbalance is developed by hormonal dysfunction. ..... Continue Here

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