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Magnetic resonance: 

More Accurate Imaging Technology

Sophisticated open equipment in Marbella Magnetic Resonance, available in Panama for the region

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Conventional MRI, which provides detailed images of the anatomical structure, also plays an essential role in the observation of other parts of the body. It detects symptoms of arterial sclerosis in the heart, as well as herniated discs, torn cartilage, and tumors in the spine, bones, and joints. In all these cases, the MRI is performed without the need for painful interventions.

The evolution in terms of technology, accuracy and patient comfort have evolved many since the first experience carried out in 1971 by Dr. Raymond Damadian who demonstrated that magnetic resonance imaging could be used to detect diseases because different types of tissues emit signals that vary in their duration, in response to the magnetic field.


Of course, with the new technological advances, better conditions are applied to the equipment for the patient, and this is the case of the equipment housed in Magnetic Resonance Marbella.

How does an MRI work?

The  magnetic resonance  works thanks to a phenomenon by which atoms can absorb or emit energy when excited by  radio frequency signals if they are within a strong magnetic field. In this way, by contrast, images of the interior of the body called "slices" can be created.

An MRI machine is made up of the following elements:

  • A  magnet  large enough for one person to get inside

  • A  radio frequency emitter

  • The  gradient coils  that allow to regulate the magnetic field

  • A  antenna  that collects the radio frequency signal that our body emits

  • A  computer  which processes the received signals and converts them into images

  • A  stretcher  in which the patient is situated

Each type of tissue responds differently to arousal. By varying the magnetic field, different areas of the body can be progressively selected to obtain images in the form of a section in any direction and area of the body, from which the doctor will make a diagnosis.

Ataques de Ira Ataque repentino o arrebato de ira violenta y descontrolada, en MSN Doctor Noticias


Avoid the claustrophobia generated by closed Resonators

The definition of the images is conditioned by the power of the magnet, so 1.0T is the high-end of the open resonators.

Excellent for comfortable positioning and proper centering of the patient in joint studies since the equipment allows greater mobility of the patient.

Positioning is also more comfortable than in a cylindrical system, where the wrist must often be positioned higher than the head, which is often difficult for patients in pain.

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