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Allergy and Immunology is focused on the study and treatment of patients with various types of allergic diseases and immunodeficiencies.

Allergy is a condition caused by a hypersensitivity mechanism of the immune system that generates an exaggerated reaction that occurs when the body encounters stimuli or agents that are harmless and usually tolerated by most people, which generates a series of inflammatory changes in the skin and mucosa responsible for the different symptoms and signs of allergic diseases.


These reactions are clinically manifested in a varied and different way, not only from person to person but also at different stages of the life of the same person, which is called allergic march. There are genetic predisposing factors and environmental triggering factors, that is, one is not born allergic, but rather has a genetic predisposition and depending on environmental factors the person becomes allergic to certain substances with the ability to produce an immune response of hypersensitivity and subsequently allergy. These substances are called allergens.

It should be considered that the lack of adequate treatment by suitable professionals can even cause death.

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Las Alergias más Comunes, MSN Salud Noticias

Allergy and Immunology

At least 45% of the population suffers from an allergic episode at some point in their life, in Panama allergies are a frequent condition, in this article we will see the most common. Continue here

Polipos Nasales, MSN Salud Noticias

Are provoked

Nasal polyps are soft, painless, non-cancerous growths that form on the lining of the nasal passages and sinuses. They take the form of tears or grapes. They are caused by inflammation that is due to  ... continue here 

Alergia Alimentaria, MSN Salud Noticias

of the Editorial Office

It is an immune reaction induced in response to ingestion of food.

ADVERSE FOOD REACTIONS can be classified into .... continue here

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