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Mamoplastía, MSN Doctor Noticias

Mammoplasty:  Wearing a nice neckline is the desire of many women
By Doctor Carlos J. de León Urriola
Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive
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por el Doctor Carlos de León Urriola
Médico Cirujano Plástico Estético y Reconstructivo

Breast surgery comprises surgical techniques that range from the increase, decrease, correct placement or elevation of the breasts. Two procedures called mammoplasty and mastopexy stand out in particular. Both can be done separately or together to improve the appearance of women's breasts.


The breasts are one of the parts of the body that define us as such to which we give more importance. Too big, too small or sagging: its volume and its correct positioning are corrected with mammoplasty and mastopexy.


Not all women undergo these interventions for aesthetic reasons, there are also medical reasons (such as breast reduction due to the weight they exert on the back, for example) and psychological reasons.

Mamoplastia Doctor Urriola
Mamoplastia Doctor Urriola
Mamoplastia Doctor Urriola

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Mammoplasty involves a change in the volume and shape of the breasts. The two types that exist are augmentation mammoplasty and reduction mammoplasty. Breast augmentation is performed by introducing your own prosthesis or fat. The scar is small and depends on the access route to insert the implant: axillary, periareolar or in the submammary groove. It requires a day of admission to the clinic and 1 to 2 weeks of post-operative rest before returning to the usual rhythm of life.


The objective of reduction mammoplasty for breast hypertrophy is to eliminate excess breast tissue (fat and skin) that gives a disproportionate volume to the breasts. The scars are small and in an inconspicuous area: from the areola vertically to the submammary groove, sometimes also one perpendicular following the shape of the groove. Generally, the patient remains hospitalized for 1 or 2 days, she returns to her daily routine in about 15 days. I have seen these scars on two friends (20 years and 48 years) and they end up being practically invisible.

Mamoplastía, MSN Doctor Noticias

Mastopexy is the cosmetic surgery operation of the sagging breast. When the skin of the breasts gives way for reasons of weight or distention of the skin (age, pregnancy, volume), an excessive sagging of the breasts occurs, which is called ptosis. It is very common for the breasts to lose firmness and are saggy. As I mentioned in another post, that area, including the neckline, does not hold any more than with the skin itself. There are no bones to support it, so keeping your pectoral muscle toned is vital if you want to have erect breasts.


In this case, the volume is not modified but the position. The distended skin that goes from the areola in the direction of the neck has given way, there is plenty. That excess skin is removed, "shortened" so to speak. The position of the areola is elevated, and the nipple, breast skin, and submammary groove no longer have contact (or much less contact).


Did you know..?

In both cases we are talking about breast surgery techniques that seek to improve the appearance of the breasts, both in structure and in shape, position, lifting and reconstruction. As it is surgery for aesthetic purposes, neither mammoplasty nor mastopexy are contemplated within Social Security, although mammoplasty is performed in cases of breast reconstruction after the removal of breast tissue due to breast tumors.


After the operation of augmentation mammoplasty or mastopexy, the woman will have no problem if she wants to breastfeed her children, which does not happen in the case of reduction mammoplasty, where when making changes in the natural breast ducts of the woman Lactation is affected, which is a very important fact to take into account before undergoing this type of operation, especially in young and fertile women.

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