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Herpes Simplex or ... Cold Sores

By Dr. Avrin Llauradó de Chong

Clinical dermatology 

El herpes labial es la infección de los labios provocada por un virus llamado Herpes Simple. Se estima que más de la mitad de las personas tendrán en algún momento de su vida herpes labial.

¿Qué síntomas presenta?

Generalmente comienza con una molestia que es referida como un ardor o dolor labial. Entre 24 y 48 horas de comenzados estos síntomas, se desarrollan en la boca y los labios pequeñas ampollitas llamadas vesículas que contienen un líquido claro; estas luego se secan y aparecen costras que duran aproximadamente 10 días. Aunque las lesiones de los labios desaparezcan, el virus permanecerá en estado de latencia, es decir "dormido" en el organismo.

Herpes Labial, Dra. Avrín Chong, MSN Doctor Noticias

Cold sores are infections of the lips caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex. It is estimated that more than half of people will have a cold sore at some point in their life.

What symptoms does it present?

It usually begins with a discomfort that is referred to as a burning or sore lip. Between 24 and 48 hours after these symptoms begin, small blisters called vesicles that contain a clear liquid develop in the mouth and lips; These then dry up and crusts appear that last about 10 days. Even if the lesions on the lips disappear, the virus will remain in a state of latency, that is, "asleep" in the body.

How is it spread?

The virus is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact. This infection is generally produced during childhood. Once contracted, the herpes virus remains in a dormant state, in the body without causing symptoms, until due to different factors it can wake up. When waking up the virus causes lesions on the skin of the lips or surroundings. When you have herpes lesions you should not touch the area so as not to carry the virus to other parts of the body, and so that the skin with herpes is not contaminated with other microbes, while you have the lesions you should not share: glasses, cutlery, mate, etc. , or kiss, since there are many possibilities that you will spread the virus when the lesions disappear you can continue with your normal life.

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What are the factors that predispose me to herpes outbreaks?

  • Stress

  • The sun Menstruation

  • Lower your defenses

  • Trauma to the area


What to do when a herpes appears?

When you think you may be having herpes, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist. The doctor after observing you will tell you if what you have is herpes or not. Medications are available in the form of creams and pills. The pills are taken for a few days and are extremely effective in shortening the duration and reducing the intensity of the outbreak. Creams can only be helpful when symptoms start.

Can I do something to prevent it?

Yes. Since the sun is one of the most important factors that predispose to the appearance of cold sores, it is essential to use sunscreen prior to sun exposure.

Herpes Labial, Dra. Avrín Chong, MSN Doctor Noticias
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