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The 4 Most Common Allergies

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Las 4 Alergias más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias

About 25% of people globally  suffers from some type of allergic disorder throughout the year. Although we usually identify spring as the most complicated time for most of them, the frequent symptoms are  itchy skin or nasal congestion, recurrently and / or for long periods of time.

According to the World Health Organization for its chapter in Panama, 27% of the population suffers from some type of allergic disorder, the reality that decades of medical practice at a social and private level indicate is that at least 45% of the population suffers from an allergic episode at some point in his life, which when treated as a simple cold causes a temporary relief of discomfort and a subsequent triggering crisis in episodes, which, in many cases is irreversible.

Allergies as such must be treated by a specialist prepared to deal with these crises and their cure through treatment.

Let's not forget the nickname earned within the allergy medical community "The Great Simulator"

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Pollen allergy
The cross of nature lovers, but beware because there are more and more allergies in cities. Grasses are one of the groups of plants that allergy sufferers should avoid the most, but unfortunately they are not the only ones. It is important that you know the precautions to follow and also the treatments that you can resort to, by visiting a specialist

Las 4 Alergias más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias

Mite allergy

It is commonly called a dust allergy. The organic component of it, among which are these tiny arachnids practically invisible to the human eye, is what can act as an irritant or allergen. Faced with continuous exposure, for long periods of time, we can begin to feel symptoms related to allergy and even asthma

Las 4 Alergias más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias

Allergy to animal hair.

The allergenic factors are not found so much in the hair, but in the dandruff. Due to our coexistence in domestic environments, the allergy caused by contact with cats and dogs is usually the most common, but the truth is that any animal could cause us a similar reaction

Las 4 Alergias más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias
Ancla 4

Mold allergy.

This microorganism usually occurs indoors, closed and humid, producing small imperceptible spores that end up floating in the room. But they are also common outdoors, especially on the ground and on plants that remain wet. We must control its appearance and development to avoid annoying allergic reactions, often misidentified.

Las 4 Alergias más comunes, MSN Doctor Noticias

To have a greater well-being in our day-to-day life, it is important that we have an accurate diagnosis, follow the recommended treatment and that we do not forget the prevention measures, as well as the wide range of vaccines that I insist thanks to the advances have the particularity of mutating creating the necessary defenses to have an excellent quality of life in exposure to the factors mentioned that make daily life.

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